Thursday, November 16, 2006


“Captain,” yelled the man in the crow’s nest of the enterprise, “hurricane a coming!”
Jim looked at the sky which had quickly become dark. He began to issue orders, “all on deck, pull off pursuit, bring us south by south east Bill!”

Lightning cracked above the Rodger. Lucky and Jinx struggled to secure their sail, “I told you this was a bad idea!” Lucky yelled over the wind.

Rain poured down. Jinx looked up and the storm and yelled out "Is this the best you got?”

The Enterprise was able to avoid the storm but Captain Jonny’s ship, The Rising Sun, found it’s self struggling against the raging winds. “Secure the cannon Jessie!” Jonny yelled when he saw the canons coming lose. A wave washed over the deck and lightning struck the main mast. William the cabin boy was caught in the ropes and pulled over board.

“Man Over board!” yelled one of the sailors.

The sailors came to the rail.

“Help!” yelled William as he struggled against the raging waves. He held fast to his life line.

“Pull him in!” Yelled Ishmael.

Lucky and Jinx were trying to bilge the water out of their boat. The large waves tossed their little boat. One wave splashed over the rails of the boat. “Jinx!” Lucky yelled.

The lightning flashed and Jinx saw that she was hanging onto the rail. Jinx ran over slipping as he went to help her back into the boat. He took her hands and pulled. Another wave washed over them and Jinx almost fell over.

Jinx got his footing back and pulled his sister back into the boat. “You still think they will let us get to Ortugia?” she said sarcasticly

Jinx smiled, “Of course they will.”

Lucky shook her head, lightning lit up the sky and Lucky saw it, “Jinx?” she said hesitantly.

“What?” The sky was dark again but she pointed anyway, Jinx looked, “Get down!” he yelled covering his sister just before a huge wave crashed into the boat smashing it to pieces.

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