Thursday, November 09, 2006


In the back of the room an octopus like arm opened the beaded door. Meylisa was the daughter of the great sea king himself. The left side of her face was the color of fog and the rest was tan. She had a third eye on the left side of her forehead which was closed at the moment. Her left arm was that of an octopus wail her right arm was human. She wore a black dress that was slit up to her thigh to show off her human leg wail still covering the hoofed horse like leg. She smiled at the two which showed off her pointed teeth, “to what do I owe the honor of a visit form the Starling twins?”

She walked slowly down the stone steppes and to the table. Her pet, a dragon the size of a small dog, wattle behind her. She put the human hand into the goblet and took out the eye which she then put back in its place in her forehead.

Lucky made a disgusted face. Jinx took out the leather engraving that he had stolen the previous night, “we’re looking for this.”

Meylisa took the leather and looked it over, her third eye continued to roll back and forth in her head looking around the room. It focused a minuet on the twins. They were identical and could only be told apart by Lucky’s long matted blue black hair which she kept back in dreadlocks, and by the small bit of scruff that served as Jinx’s bead and mustache.

“You know my price.” She finely said as she sat at her table. Lucky looked at her brother as he nodded. Meylisa’s octopus arm snacked around Lucky’s arm. Lucky tried to recoil,

“why is it always me!” she struggled, “his blood is the same as mine!”

“You know it has to be virgin.” Meylisa replied taking out her knife.

“How do you know I am still a virgin or that he isn’t.” Lucky protested.

“It is written all over you, besides female blood is more potent.” Meylisa made the cut and collected the drops of blood in a vile marked, ocean blood. She put it away then came back, “you seek the key to Dark Jin’s box, it was also the key to his heart, you will find it one an island on which the sun does not shine, with the women who won his heart.”

“No way.” Lucky said, “We can’t go there.”

“Lucky, I said I would do the talking.” Jinx said to his sister, “Thank you, hopefully we will see you again.”

The third eye rolled back into her head then came back, “Sooner then you may think, Jinx, son of Letio.”

They got back into their boat and as soon as they were out of the cave Morgan set a course. “Are you crazy?” Luck asked, “We can’t go to Ortugia. Between the three headed mutt that guards it, and the Kraken, not to mention the fact that we were kinda sorta…”

“We can get there,” Jinx reassured her, “you don’t think any of that will keep us from our birth right?”

Captain James L Archer stood on the bridge of his ship, watching his crew. He had been aboard the Albatross since his early days as a cabin boy. In those days he had dreamed of captaining this ship. The last ten years had bee the fulfillment of that dream, and it had been everything he had imagined it to be. Aboard the Albatross he had battled many enemies and each time he and his crew had come to through victorious.

His latest assignment would be no different. To hunt down the French ship Lorian and take it. The Lorian had been almost a Phantom ship. Showing up unexpected praying on merchant ships and British navel ships, leaving destruction in it’s wake.

“captain.” Said his first mate, “a ship has been spotted off the starboard stern.”
The captain took out his eye glass. And looked, “the Lorian?”

“No it’s a pirate ship by its colors.”
Archer put his glass down, “their on a pursuit course.”


“The men could use some practice bring us about.”

“They’ve spotted us” said Jonny’s first mate Ishmael.

“Do not change coarse, if they want a play we will oblige them.”

Not far from where the two ships began to play their war games a third ship sailed unnoticed. Lucky and Jinx secured their sails. Their ship slid threw the waves to a place where the waters began to change colors. The blue waters began to turn purple. Floating on top of the waves were several pieces of drift wood.

Lucky wet her lips, “Are you sure about this? “
“Stop worrying. Everything is going to be fine.” Jinx manned the wheel as Lucky stood at the bow. She thought she felt the wind pick up a bit. More drift wood floated, all that was left of the last unlucky ship.

“Captain” Ishmael said, “We’re getting close to the witching waters.

“Lucky for us that it is not witching hour.” Jonny smiled.

“Either way, captain the crew is likely to get a little squeamish.”

“We’re still a good five miles form the violet waters.” Jonny watched the other ship, “I’m not a man who gives up a chase.”


Lucky Drummed her figures on the rail, the water was changing colors almost completely violet. What ever was going to happen would happen soon. It would not be long now.

“Calm down everything is going to be fine.” Said Jinxs.

His words fell on deaf ears. They may have been marked as children of the sea, and the sea may take care of its own. But thought Lucky we still don’t belong here.

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