Thursday, November 02, 2006


Jonny stood in his state room looking over the dead man’s chest he and his crew had brought aboard that very morning. He was unsure how to open it. One of his men had suggested breaking it open, but he did not dare do that. He might damage what he was trying to retrieve.

He was sure the riddle carved into the lid of the chest was the answer, but for some reason it was beyond him. Sill it was nice just to look at it. Inside were the remains of a pirate who at his prime had been considered a god of the sea, Captain Dark Jin. And if his sources were correct then lying among the bones was also the map that would lead him and his crew to the most sought after treasure in the entire ocean.

If only he knew the secret to unlocking it, Jonny knew it was there just out of his reach.

Lucky and Jinx's little boat, the Rodger, glided into the cave on a rocky island that served as the entrance to Meylisa’s lair. Inside the air was filled with mystery as the waters took them to the house carved into the rocks were Meylisa lived.

Jinx tied to boat off then looked at his sister, “Coming?”

Lucky bit her lip, “you go ahead, I’ll stay and watch the boat.”

Jinx shrugged his shoulders and narrowed his eyes, “Watch the boat do what?” he waited a moment for her to reply then said, “Nothing’s going to happen now come on!” he grabbed her arm and practically drug her out of the boat.


“You don’t come and it will offend her,” they walked up the stone steps, “I’ll do the talking.” Jinx knocked twice on the door then went inside, “Meylisa?”

The room was lit by three lanterns, two of which hung amidst bottles of human eyes, entrails, toes and tongues. The third was on the table in the middle of the room. There were other bottles and jars with labels to tell what was in them. lables like nightshade, snake skin, and dragonfly wings, and things that seemed impossible like, angel tear salt, dragon acid, pixy dust, and phoenix ashes.

Jinx and Lucky walked up to the table not trying to bump or spill anything. On the table was the utensils Meylisa used for her potion making, a basket with there different types of lots, and a clear glass goblet in which floated an eye.

The eye seemed to swim this way and that observing everything in the room. It focused on the two who had just come in. “Hi Meylisa,” Jinx said as he sat down. The eye shook then bobbed up and down.

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