Thursday, October 26, 2006



Port San Trago was quiet. Of course it was midnight and everyone in the small port should have been sleeping. Lucky starling sat on the dock waiting for her brother to come back. He had been gone for quite some time now and she was beginning to wonder if he would ever get back. The salty waters lapped at the dock and the boats tied to it.

"This is so boring," Lucky said aloud to herself. Her leg dangled over the edge of the dock. She sighed, this was supposed to be a quick in and out type thing.

"STOP! THEIF!" some one yelled from town.

Finely she thought and jumped up. She could barley see in the dark her brother running with several British navy men chasing him. "Jinx, watch you feet!" Lucky took one of the near by barrels of who knew what and sent it rolling down the dock. Jinx jumped over it easily but the ones chasing him were not so lucky. They triped over it and each other. Lucky was getting thier little boat ready to sail. Jinx jumped in, "Let’s go lets go." he said hurriedly.

"Did you get it?"

"’Course I got It." he said pushing off of the dock. "Why else would they be chasing me?"
Lucky rolled her eyes. The wind picked up and carried them out of the bay.

"Let me see it." Lucky demanded when they were at a safe distance form the bay and it was obvious that they were not being followed. They went into the little closed in area on their boat.
Jinx handed her the piece of leather, and lit the lantern.

Lucky studied it and then threw it back at her brother it had engraved in it a symbol but it was nothing she could recognize it looked like some kind of puzzle, "this isn't a map!"

"No it's how we find the map." her brother said. "You did not think it would be easy to find this treasure did you?"

"Well no but you said you know where the map was."

"No I said I knew how to find the map."

Lucky poured each of them a glass of rum, "okay so how does this help us find the map."
Jinx joined her and laid out the map, "We find this and it will lead us to the treasure."
Lucky sat down and drank her rum, "and where do we find that?"

"I don't know yet."

Lucky sighed, "Okay so how do we find out?"

The table had a large map and Jinks pointed to a small cluster of islands, "We ask Meylisa."

Lucky put her mug down, "No way, Meylisa hates us."

"No she doesn't" Jinx replied, "You just always break something when we go there."

"There has to be some other way then that."

"Nope," Jinx took a swig of rum. "Meylisa is the only one who will know."

Lucky ran her hands through her matted hair, "Are you sure?"

"Yes" he rolled into his hammock, "Get some sleep."

Lucky put out the light and got into her own hammock, tomorrow will be fun she thought, lots of fun.

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Danica Farsight said...

MORE MORE MORE.......just kidding like I said in Crosswalk, (just in case you havn't read my other comments yet I'm Novalist) AWESOME job, a little itty bitty bit of punctuation errors but hey no ones perfect. P.S. I can't find your next post and I really wanna read it is it? Other then that AWESOME story

glo said...

each post has it's own archive, so you can click on the archives or they are listed as previous post. the posta are numbers so you sould not have a problem figuring out which is next.


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