Thursday, March 12, 2009


The Loran now fully repaired and rename shipped out of Thule and made its way to a cove to find Meylesa. The trip took several days. When they got to port Jinx, Lucky, and captain Jonny got into a life boat and headed up stream. They docked their boat and headed up to Meylesa’s. Meylesa sat at her table tossing stones of different colors and shapes and bones.

“I told you you’d be back.” Meylesa did not look up when they walked in. “Though you are later then I predicted.”

“We ran into some trouble.” Said Jinx as they sat at her table.

“We need the fish bone.” Said lucky not wanting to stay in Meylesa’s hut any longer then she had to.

Meylesa looked up and tilted her head, “That is an unheard of request.” Her two normal eyes were glossed over, the third one look at them.

“We don’t expect to have it for free.” Said Jinx.

“A strange smile grew on Meylesa’s face, “what could you possibly have that is worth the bone of the fish who swallowed the prophet of god?”

Lucky pull out the hydra stone and laid it on the table, “the life stone of BlĂ´dughadda’s pet, the sea hydra.”

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