Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Jana turned the page to show a garden with a statute that looked very much like the statues of the virgin holding what appeared to be a large wooden bowel.

“This is the cup from the last supper?” asked Archer.

“No.” said Jana emphatically, “It is the serving dish that held the bread. When someone looks into the grail they are looking into heave.”

“The templars protected it, and then the Vatican kept it from everyone.” Continued Abraham. “But then a Nephilum pirate stole the key for the seven angry gods so no one could ever again enter Avalon.” He leaned over the table.

Jana ran her hand threw her hair, “and thus keeping the cure for the curses of the Nephilum secret.”

“So Lucky and her brother are going to open the door.” Said Archer. “And the powers of this world down want it opened.”

“The question now is what your part in all this is.” Said Abraham as he put away the books, “Did you have any other strange visitors?”

Archer thought a moment then answer, “Tristan.”

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