Thursday, January 29, 2009


“Stop what?” Jinx asked.

“Falling madly in love with every Girl you save.” Lucky answered.

“That’s not…” Jinx started, “I don’t…”

“Yes you do.” Lucky interrupted, she counted off on her fingers, “there was Windy, Mora, Elizabeth, Megan,” she paused a second, “Willow, and oh, Rachel, Hannah, Leah, and that girl with the creepy eyes…”

“Hey,” Jinx cut her off, “I was not in love with Nancy…”

“You saved her from that flesh eating monster. And then when she left you moped about whimpering how you couldn’t live with out her.” She reminded him, “Bethyam makes nine.” She sat up, “You like being the hero too much, and that’s just not what we are.”

“What are we?” Jinx asked, “Cursed ones who will be trapped on earth till judgment day?”

Lucky hugged her brother from behind, “no we are working and striving for redemption.”

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