Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Archer headed back to his ship. A portion of the crew had been denied leave this last night to watch the ship, and many of those who had gone on leave Should have been back on the ship by this time. They would be shipping off with the tide before sun rise. Archer was surprised at first with how dark it was, then by how quiet it was. “Mr. Good?” He called out. The only answer was the sound of the rigging moving in the wind and with the waves of the sea. He lit the nearest lantern and held it out over the deck. “Mary mother of god,” he exclaimed in a hushed voice. He covered his mouth. His crew lay before him on his deck in pieces. He searched the ship disgusted by what had happened to his crew. Who ever had done this would pay.

Rahpika watched the captain, he could feel the rage building in side the captain just a little longer. He thought

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