Thursday, January 10, 2008


“I knew it was you we were following.” Archer said as he fought with Captain Jonny at his back.

“Does this mean no reward for our help?” Jonny asked as he blocked an attacker.

“We’ll see.” Archer called over his shoulder.

Lucky watched, Captain Archer was a fine fighter, and some how it did not surprise her that he and Jonny knew each other. She scanned the rest of the ship, the battle wouldn’t last much longer. Probably only till the French captain decided he didn’t want to die. “I wonder where Jinx is.” She muttered aloud wishing that she hadn’t agreed to Captain Archer’s wishes.

Jinks raced out of the state room and looked for the French captain. The man was easy enough to find. Besides his uniform he also was fatter then the rest of his men.
Jinks fought through the crowed which was a chaotic mess of pirates red and blue. He was single minded as he ran back out on deck, find the captain.

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