Thursday, January 03, 2008


Jinks found the room where inside Galeed’s daughter was held. The door was locked so he threw his weight against the door till it gave way and he crashed inside.

Bathyam cried out in surprise at the crash. Jinks got up “it’s alright.” He tried to assure her.

Bathyam was cowering in the back. She was sitting with her knees pulled up to her chest and buried her head into them. Her long flowing hair hung loosely around her.

Jinks carefully moved towards her, “Your father sent me to get you out of here.” She looked up, “come on.” Jinx extended his hand, “it’ okay.”

“I can’t.” She said and indicated the chain attracted to her ankle.

Jinx looked at the shekel which had rubbed her ankle raw and caused multiple open wounds. Where does he keep the key?”

Bathyam did not look up, “on a ribbon he wears around his neck.”

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