Friday, August 17, 2007


The blast of the cannons was deafening and this was followed by the strange sound the creature made form it’s hundred heads all screaming from the hits that it had sustained.

Then all was quiet. Nothing but the wind in the sails. “Did it works?” asked Logan.

Lucky swallowed, “I don’t know I’m afraid we might have just made it mad.”

Captain archer and his first mate as well as a sailor near by looked at her. “So what should we do now?”

“Still thinking.” She answer a few seconds pasted the sailors still wondered weather or not the hydra would attack again.

“How about now.” Asked logon.

“I don’t know” Luck answerer after a pause she added, “I wish my brother was here.”

Logan, Archer and Luck all looked back toward the voice. Lucky was not surprised at all to see Trison.

Lucky rolled her eyes, “what oar your doing here?”

Archer looked at Lucky and then at Trison, “More importantly how did you get on my ship?”

“He’s a Nephelim captain.” Lucky explained, “Answer the question Triston.”

“Don’t you need help?” Trison flashed another of his smiles.

“What do you mean?” Lucky asked accusingly.

“You know how to kill it?” Archer asked

“Of course,” Trison answered, “I’d say you got five minuets before it attacks again.’ He looked at Lucky, “Do you want my help?”

Lucky sighed, “I guess.”

Trison smiled widely, “wonderful.” Trison grabbed the captain’s arm, “Keep the crew on the lower deck and keep them firing till you’re out of canon balls.”

“And when we run out?” Logan asked.

“You won’t.” Triston reassured him, “Come on Lucky.” He headed back up to the main deck.

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