Tuesday, February 17, 2009


“That’s her.” Said Archer looking at the picture.

“According to the record she and her brother should be Charmed ones,” said Jana, “not cursed.”

“Look here Jana,” Abraham said, “It says that her given name is Jane Martin, she changed her name to Lucky after her grandfather was murdered, about 6 years ago.”

“What is that supposed to mean?” asked Archer.

Abraham sat back in his chair, “six years ago there were several Nephilum who attempted to place their curse on some charmed ones… it could be that they were successful in this case.”

“If that is true…” Jana started.

“One thing at a time apprentice.” Abraham cut her off. He turned to Archer, “Did she tell you what she is up to?”

“No.” said Archer. “Though she did have a strange tattoo that she connected with her curse.”

Jana looked at her master, “Do you think that she and her brother might be trying to break their curse?”

“There is only one way to do that.” Answered Abraham. “And you can be sure the seven angry Gods will do everything to stop them.”

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